Patrick teachingAt Curran-Bauer Analytics, we provide a variety of individualized consulting services for all stages of the research process including experimental design, psychometric measurement, data graphics, statistical analysis, manuscript and report preparation, and grant application development and submission. We can provide our services via an array of mechanisms, including email, phone, video conference, and face-to-face meetings. We also offer competitive fee structures that fit the needs of the given project at hand, including hourly or per-job consultation rates, and a specific cost estimate based on initial discussions. Below we summarize several exemplar components of our consulting services, although we customize our support to the unique needs of each researcher or organization.

Strategic Development Sessions


We can conduct one or more strategic development sessions with you to discuss your project and to identify the optimal strategy for evaluating your research hypotheses or to meet your intended goals. These initial sessions can be particularly beneficial when planning a study, designing a data analysis plan, reporting and interpreting results, or in guiding interactions with research consumers such as manuscript reviewers or funding providers. When on-going consulting is desired, we use these sessions to collaboratively develop a consultation plan with specific goals, deadlines, and deliverables so that you can effectively manage your own schedule and expectations.

Assistance in Grant Preparation

We both have extensive experience spanning many years serving as PI, co-PI, co-I, and consultant on multiple projects funded by both the NIH and the NSF. We can draw on these experiences to aid in the design, writing, and submission of grants to a variety of funding agencies. Applications for funding from granting agencies and foundations typically require the inclusion of a data analysis plan and power analyses, which are particularly challenging when proposing to implement complex modeling approaches. We can assist in the preparation of these aspects of the proposal by conducting power analyses and drafting or providing feedback on text. We also offer mock reviews of grants to help prepare for final submission and peer evaluation.

NotebookPitcherGlass_medGuidance and Execution of Data Analysis and Presentation

Significant advances have recently been made in the statistical analysis of social science and health outcome data, and there is an increasing expectation for rigorous statistical modeling in research reports. Examples include growth curve analysis, mixture modeling, multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, integrative data analysis, and advanced graphical analysis, just to name a few. We have extensive experience in these analytic approaches, and many more, and we can work with you to analyze your data through the mapping of your hypotheses or questions of interest onto a proposed set of quantitative models, the fitting of those models to your data, and the provision of results and subsequent interpretation for inclusion in reports, manuscripts, or other products.

Assistance in Manuscript or Report Preparation


We both also have extensive experience in publishing scientific findings in peer reviewed journals, book chapters, text books, and other research reports. Indeed, together we have published over 150 scientific articles, book chapters, and technical reports. Drawing on this experience, we can provide you with guidance and feedback on the publication of your work, including the conducting and reporting of your data analysis and the creation of path diagrams and statistical graphics. Such feedback may help to enhance your work and to avoid critiques or confusion on the part of reviewers, editors, or other research consumers. We also offer support in revising manuscripts for re-submission and to responding to reviewer comments and critiques.

Please contact us either via email or by phone (984.999.0636) if you need any additional information or have any further questions.