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We seek to provide you with the information you need to be a knowledgeable user of quantitative methods, including updates on ongoing developments in the field, discussion of common data analytic concerns, tutorials on commonly used techniques, and software scripts and tools. Our vision is to become a hub for researchers seeking guidance on quantitative data analysis.

News and Updates

A major challenge for many researchers is keeping up with the latest opinions and developments with data analytic practices and techniques. On our News and Updates page we highlight items from the literature and news that we think may be of interest for applied researchers in the behavioral, health, and social sciences. Our posts cover a variety of topics, including new developments in data analysis, useful new data analytic tools, general issues in statistics, and news items relating to statistics. We hope you will find these posts informative and useful.

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We also seek to provide resources that researchers can use to gain greater knowledge of quantitative methods and to facilitate various types of statistical analysis. On our Resources page we provide mini-lectures, tutorials and downloadable software scripts on a variety of data analytic topics.

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