Curran-Bauer Training


Our motivating goal at Curran-Bauer Analytics is to offer rigorous yet accessible instructional workshops in applied data analysis and research methodology that are explicitly targeted to empirical researchers in the social, behavioral and health sciences. We place an equal balance on core aspects of the underlying statistical models and on the thoughtful application and interpretation of models fitted to real data using a variety of available software packages. In addition to our summer courses on Multilevel Modeling, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Longitudinal SEM, Network Analysis, and Latent Class/Cluster Analysis and Mixture Modeling, we also provide private seminars for organizations with specific training needs. Please contact us for details.

Note: In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have transitioned all of our training workshops to live stream, so that registrants can participate from the comfort and safety of their homes. We maintain interactivity with instructors during the live stream and provide temporary access to recordings. In addition to details posted on each workshop page, please see our Covid-19 response for a description of these changes to our usual training format.

What Makes our Training Unique

A number of different organizations offer statistical training through the provision of workshops on advanced quantitative modeling approaches. However, we respectfully believe that we offer a variety of significant and unique advantages over these other training opportunities. We describe our areas of strength below, and you can also see them reflected in participants' own words in their course reviews.

Depth of Experience

  • Patrick and DanPatrick Curran and students are intimately involved in the development and teaching of all workshops, bringing award-winning teaching experience, extensive content knowledge, and an applied-research orientation to each course.
  • We hold PhDs in different content areas (Dan in developmental psychology and Patrick in clinical psychology) and both completed post-doctoral fellowships in applied stastics. We thus bring unique perspectives to advanced research methods within the social and behavioral sciences.
  • Many of our workshops are co-taught, providing participants with dual-perspectives on the course material and alternative explanations of similar concepts.

High Quality Support Materials

In sum, although there are many alternative training opportunities in quantitative methods, we believe that we offer a superior training experience that will provide you with the practical tools to conduct your own research at the highest levels possible.