Network Analysis

May 9-11, 2018
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Instructor: Doug Steinley
Software Demonstrations: R

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Network Analysis is a three-day workshop taught by Doug Steinley that focuses on the application and interpretation of core analytic techniques designed to model the dependencies between observations (e.g., actors) within relational data (e.g., connections between the actors). Examples include social networks among peers, connectivity networks within fMRI data, symptom networks within diagnostic data, and management networks within the workplace. In this workshop we first introduce the basic concepts of network analysis, such as centrality measures, and the descriptive, structural analysis of network data. After covering these foundational topics, we introduce the Ising model to estimate networks for subject by item response data (such as the presence/absence of psychiatric symptoms). For making inferential statements, we turn to exponential random graph models (ERGMs) for both cross-sectional and longitudinal data. Finally, the workshop concludes with exploring methods for testing the stability, replicability, and generalizability of network models. In addition to the methodology for analyzing network data, we also focus on visualization techniques for leveraging the true power of network data — understanding how observations are interrelated with each other.

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